John Kerry: Trump Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem Would Cause Mideast 'Explosion'

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Such a move could affect relations between the USA and regional allies, including Jordan, Information Minister Mohammed Momani told The Associated Press, addressing the issue publicly for the first time.

During the U.S. presidential elections, Trump promised to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's "undivided capital" and made a controversial pledge to move the USA embassy to the holy city, the eastern parts of which are claimed by the Palestinians as the capital of their desired state.

In a separate interview with CNN on Friday, Kerry commented on Jordanian, Palestinian, and other Arab nations' sentiments that moving the United States embassy would be considered a provocation.

The relocation of the embassy, which would apparently signify formal recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital and acknowledgment of Israeli jurisdiction over the occupied territory, will have a tremendous impact on United States allies in the Middle East. The Hashemite Kingdom is a member of a US-led military coalition against Daesh. Following the 1967 Six-Day War, East Jerusalem and the West Bank were occupied by the Israelis, resulting in long-lasting hostility between Israel and Jordan. The Palestinians want to establish the capital of a future state in the city's eastern sector.

Jerusalem looms large in rival Israeli and Palestinian national narratives, and disputes over holy sites there have sparked several rounds of deadly violence over the years.

US Secretary of State John Kerry had also warned of an explosion in the region if the embassy is moved to Jerusalem.

Russian Federation does not recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, and maintains its embassy in Tel Aviv, as do most Western countries. He said countries in the region would likely "think about different things and steps they should take in order to stop this from happening".

"It will definitely affect the bilateral relationship between countries in the region, including Jordan, and the parties that will be related to such a decision", the Jordanian minister pointed out".

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Friday urged Trump to drop his pledge to move the embassy, saying it could jeopardize peace prospects, and invited the President-elect to visit the Palestinian territories.

Trump has said he plans to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in a controversial move bitterly opposed by Palestinians as a unilateral action while the status of the city remains contested.

Trump spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway last month told a radio channel moving the embassy was a "very big priority" for Trump.



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