Honda Civic Type R CVT Variant Officially Debunked

Honda Civic Type R CVT Variant Officially Debunked

Despite rumors circulating that the 2018 Honda Civic Type R would be coming with a CVT transmission as an option, it is something that is pretty much far from the truth. In it, they had a vast feature on the Type R and an in-depth interview with Mitsuru Kariya, the lead on the 10th gen Civic. But as much as sports cars are loved by the enthusiasts, selling them is hard due to the high calling price.

Just in: Honda spokesperson Sage Marie has now confirmed that the Honda Civic Type R will definitely not be offered with a convenient CVT version. This also puts the Civic Type R as a sports auto, which traditionally has a manual transmission for drivers to play around when shifting.

But then again, Honda will receive extra love from the enthusiasts as the carmaker is staying true to the ways of a racer and that is through equipping a sports vehicle with a manual gearbox.

As we understand, British magazine auto quoted Honda engineer Mitsuru Kariya late a year ago as saying that a CVT may be an option in the upcoming new Civic, however, he was referring to the Civic model range, not the Civic Type R. In fact, in the same article, Kariya was strongly against the idea that a CVT would make an appearance in the cult vehicle at all, leading one to question why the assumption was made in the first place.



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