Gay man thrown off bridge for refusing sex to married man

Mr Tokotaua and his husband were legally married three years ago in New Zealand. Source Facebook

A New Zealand man found under a bridge with a broken neck, back, ribs and burns to almost half his body was attacked after rejecting the advances of a man who has a wife and children, the victim's husband has claimed.

Tokotaua found him lying on train tracks below a bridge two hours later.

Wilson suffered critical injuries including a brain haemorrhage, burns to 40 per cent of his body and a severed spine cord, which could mean he would never walk again.

Wilson's husband, Maioha Tokotaua, 33, found Wilson "mangled" underneath the train bridge.

The couple, legally married in New Zealand, were visiting family in Australia.

Mr Tokotaua told the Daily Mail Mr Wilson was attacked after a married man propositioned Mr Wilson, but the man was rejected and started to fear Mr Wilson may tell his family about his advances.

"There were these guys who had been harassing us for some time after one of them, who is married with children, made an advance that Joth rejected", Tokotaua said.

Wilson remains in a critical but stable condition on life support at a Brisbane hospital.

Wilson had gone back into town before midnight on 31 December to buy a final packet of cigarettes before the couple planned to give them up as a resolution. At first, he thought it was a suicide attempt until he noticed that Wilson's wallet and hat had been stolen. He looked mangled, ' he told the Daily Mail.

Police believe Wilson's burns were from power lines above the train tracks. Moreover, doctors added that Wilson also had third-degree burn marks on his body as if someone tried to set him ablaze.

"He has burns to his face and body".

They said they were "not actively pursuing" Mr Tokotaua's version of events.

In the lead-up to Christmas, Mr Tokotaua made a series of statements on Facebook that appeared to contradict elements of the hate-crime story told to media.

The pair, from Taranaki, would have been heading home next week to be with their children if it was not for the incident.

Police have yet to make an arrest and are now investigating the incident.

The police say the man sustained serious injuries as a result of a fall from a rail overpass bridge in the city of Gladstone around 12.35am on New Year's Day.

Police say they do not suspect criminal involvement in the case of a badly injured New Zealand man in Australia.



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