Bernie Sanders prints out giant poster of Trump tweet - the best memes

Barack Obama says Bernie Sanders' supporters helped undermine Obamacare

Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) printed out one of President-elect Donald Trump's tweets on a giant piece of poster board and hauled it to the well of the Senate, for some reason.

The Senate is now debating the repeal of Obamacare. Sanders further said that it was his hope that Donald Trump would send out another tweet on Twitter to tell fellow Republican colleagues to stop wasting time.

Ted Cruz "chuckled" when he saw the Vermont senator's aide carrying the poster into the chamber.

Senator Bernie Sanders brought a very interesting visual to the Senate floor on Wednesday: A giant printout of a tweet. The process will begin with Trump signing a series of executive orders on his first day at the White House, he added.

"Obamacare has failed", Pence said after a meeting with House Republicans on Wednesday. "That Democrats hear what he had to say during the campaign - what he campaigned on - and more importantly Republicans listen and hear what their leader had to say about these issues".

"They're like the dog that caught the bus", Schumer said.

Schumer also unveiled a tagline that uses Trump's campaign slogan to attack the GOP plan. "He said it over and over and over again". He didn't say it in the middle of the night. "This is Donald Trump talking", as he continued to read off Trump tweets opposed to program cuts.

An intrepid CSPAN2 camera caught the scandal on video, and it seems clear that Sanders is perfectly capable of reading Trump's words aloud without resorting to the creation of a roving superfund site on the Senate floor. He didn't say it in an interview.

Sanders said in an earlier press conference with Democrats that there were two possible realities for the president-elect: either Trump should be considered a liar or the real estate mogul must proclaim clearly that he will veto any legislation that would cut any of the three entitlement programs that he mentioned. This was a cornerstone of his campaign.



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