New Comcast Gateway Update Can Manage Your Entire Home

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Most important though is the new smart home capabilities.

Today, at the Smart Home Marketplace at CES 2017 (booth #40160, Sands Convention Center) Comcast announced a partnership with Xfinity Home and Zen Ecosystems (booth #40049, Sands Convention Center), the manufacturer of a new simple, handsome and connected thermostat that is fully integrated with the Xfinity Home ecosystem and part of its family of core devices.

By the end of the year, Comcast expects over 15 million of its broadband customers will have access to the new features, after it starts rolling out the new Advanced Wireless Gateway. With the new smart home hubs, Comcast Xfinity customers will be able to easily manage all of Internet of Things (IoT) devices that are playing an increasingly bigger role in the modern, digital home. This Advanced Gateway is capable of delivering up to nine gigabits per second over Wi-Fi within the home, supports voice, home monitoring and automation applications and will be the device Comcast uses to make one gigabit per second Internet speeds available across its entire service area. Your experience won't require the new hardware, though: The new firmware that ties into a smartphone app will be rolled out to all supported gateways within the next few months. The new Gateway will also come with a number of improved UI features and cloud-based software. Users can reportedly personalize devices by owner or category and monitor how frequently and for how long each device and owner are using the in-home WiFi network via a dashboard. Knowing who is online, being able to manage devices, and featuring built-in phishing and malware protection make it a good choice for those who need to secure their networks without having to pay an IT professional.

For parents hoping to get a better grasp on their kids' screen time, Comcast will offer "Scheduler", "Bedtime Mode", and "Instant Pause".

The new offering, a free addition, will run on a new app for mobile devices and a Web portal and will also be integrated with the X1 voice remote. Plus, simple and powerful parental controls make it easy to protect family members from inappropriate content.

"Digital Home connectivity today should be as intuitive and dynamic as the devices and experiences it powers", says Chris Satchell, Comcast Cable EVP and chief product officer. "By creating this new home solution and offering it to millions of people as a part of their existing internet subscription, our combination of speed, personalized controls, features and devices has the potential to make the Internet of Things and the Digital Home more of a reality than ever". Together, Comcasts Xfinity Home and Zen Ecosystems make ideal partners on the journey to help consumers easily turn their homes with connected devices into smart homes all manageable on one platform – the Xfinity Home platform.

Icontrol was founded in 2003 and offers connected home technology to a handful of MSOs, marketed under brand names including Cox Homelife, Bright House Home Security and Control, Mediacom Home Controller, Time Warner Cable Intelligent Home and others.



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