Casio announces new Pro Trek rugged smartwatch with Android Wear 2.0

Casio's first Android Wear smartwatch was arguably the highlight of a down year for Google's wearable platform, and now the watchmaker is kicking off 2017 in similar fashion.

The new watch runs on Android 2.0, and the WSD-F10 will also receive an update to the new OS. It was geared towards those with a knack for the outdoors, featuring a lot of technology for tracking different types of activities all while being resistant to the elements.

It's not a watch for everyone, but perhaps that's the point: It's an unapologetic ruggedized smartwatch, and it must have been popular enough for Casio to make a sequel. The company officially announced the follow-up product to the WSD-F10 at CES, and it looks much like the original on the surface. And on the design front, it does, though it is quite a bit more rugged than the WSD-F10.

The interesting dual-display mode from previous year remains to provide a low-power monochrome mode with basic functionality. Aesthetically, you'll also be able to choose more original watch face designs that tap into the low-power Global Positioning System or offline maps you've stored. Additionally, a new Location Memory app will let users customize their maps with markers and text.

Beyond that, there's some minor improvements, such as anti-fouling coating on the touchscreen, making it less susceptible to fingerprint smudges.

The new Casio WSD-F20 will go on sale on April 21.

If you're looking at the device above and wondering if we got the image wrong, nope, it seems that for the most part the WSD-F20 looks pretty much like its predecessor, the WSD-F10. No details about the price have been unveiled yet, but we'll probably find out more as we're getting closer to its market release.



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